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PC seats for all students

About PC Finder

Need to find an available PC in a hurry? PC Finder shows live data on how many computers and loan laptops are available in each building, how long for, and how to find them.

All rooms listed are available for use by all students, no matter what department or building they're in.

Use GPS to find PCs near you

If you're using a GPS-enabled web browser, PC Finder can show the computer rooms closest to you, and tell you how to get there.

Using Filters

Looking for a PC with a scanner? Want adjoining desks so you can work with a friend? Need an accessible workstation? Just use the built in filters to narrow down results.

Colour coded availability

Red, green and amber markers let you easily see which rooms have plenty of free PCs, or are running low. We'll also show you rooms that are booked for lectures, or closed for the day.

Opening & closing times and bookings

Each room will show you how long it's available for, list upcoming bookings, and give you the opening and closing times for the day.

Learning Centres

Learning Centres are computer rooms that can't be booked for lectures (mainly in libraries), so if the building is open, so are the computer rooms!

Teaching Centres

Computer rooms that are sometimes used for lectures are known as Teaching Centres but are open to all students when not booked for teaching. PC Finder tells you exactly when these rooms are available, and for how long.